Print or Email Year End Statements

Jackrabbit has a pre-defined favorite which is your starting point for creating printed and/or emailed statements of fully and partially paid fees for tax purposes. 

Go to the Transactions (menu) > Transaction Reports > Statements - Print. Note: Click thewhen you hover over the name of the report to save it under My Reports.

Click the Favorites button, choose the Year-End Statement - All Activity favorite, and click Load. Make sure the Transaction Date From and Through Date are the year you are seeking - edit the year if needed. Enter your organization's Federal Tax ID # or change/delete the Statement Header. Make any other changes as needed, and Submit

Statements-Email has a similar favorite that can be loaded. Make any necessary changes, including adding a Federal Tax ID # in the Statement Header. Scroll up and click Preview Email Statements List. Follow Steps 7 - 9 in Email Multiple Statements.

Time Saver! Mass email your families and advise them to log into their Parent Portal. By going to Billing & Payments in the top menu, they can click on Full Transaction History to sort and filter transactions. A Print button allows them to print it out.