Post a Credit - Fundraising Credit Example

Family sold gift wrap and received a $35 credit toward tuition. They currently have a $100 tuition fee posted to their account.

  1. Ensure you are viewing the correct family. Click the Payment button
  2. Change the Pmt Type to Account Credit.
  3. A warning pop-up will display, If Pmt Type value is NOT equal to 'Payment', the following reports will NOT balance: Paid Fees Summary and Revenue Summary. This is to advise you that the payment will not be included in these reports. Click OK.
  4. Select Fundraiser (for example) from the Method drop-down list. See Drop-down Lists if you have not yet created this payment method drop-down value.
  5. Add a Pmt Amount for the credit (35).
  6. Click the Apply Amt field for the tuition fee(s).
  7. Save Payment.
    The fundraising credit is added and linked to the tuition fee of $100. The fee still has a pink Date Paid field because it was only partially paid. The family now owes only $65 for March tuition ($100 - less the fundraising credit).