Online Registration Confirmation Email

Email notification for each class enrollment containing all details is sent to the customer and also sent to you/your staff. This email will be sent "from" the email address that you set up as the notification email on your Online Registration Settings page (Gear icon > Settings > Online Registration Settings > Settings tab > Email Confirmation Settings > Notification Emails). 

If you have multiple Business Locations, you can also choose (on the Settings page) to have the system use the applicable email based on your Locations (the emails that you have assigned to each Loc under the Gear (icon) > Settings > General > Business Locations).

Add custom text (HTML supported) for the email confirmation a new family receives when they use the Online Registration form.

In the example below, one student registered for one class, and the required fields are shown. (Due to length, the Payment Information, E-signature, and Policy Agreements are not shown).   

The confirmation email includes a link for the parent to access the Parent Portal. This is just an example - yours will vary based on your settings.

Refer to Test Your Online Registration Form to run through a test to see exactly what you (as the organization) and you (as a mock new customer) will receive as email notifications. 

Unlike the Registration Form, each class enrollment in the Parent Portal is an individual submission. There isn't a way to consolidate multi-class enrollments into a single email confirmation.