Settings That Control Absences and Makeups in the Parent Portal

When you utilize the Parent Portal, you can allow your parents to schedule absences through their portals. This option is available regardless of whether you track absences or track attendance in Jackrabbit.

If you track absences, you'll have the option of offering makeups for missed classes. If you do offer makeup classes, you can also allow your parents to schedule makeups in the Parent Portal

There are several settings throughout Jackrabbit that control a parent's ability to schedule absences and makeups in the Parent Portal.

Tools menu > Parent Portal > Settings Select the Show Student Absences/Attendance check box, in the Family Information Settings, to add an Absences or Attendance tab to each student's record within the Parent Portal.

From that tab, parents can view and print a history of absences (or attendance) for their students. If you allow parents to schedule absences in their portals, a button will display that opens the Schedule Future Absences modal.
Makeup Settings
When tracking absences, the Makeup Settings define how eligibility for makeups is determined and whether or not there is a time limit on when makeups are offered. These settings control makeups in general, both in your Jackrabbit database and in the Parent Portal (if you allow parents to schedule makeups via their portals).
Parent Portal Absence & Makeup Settings
Control whether parents can schedule absences in the Parent Portal, define the window of time in which the absence can be scheduled, and choose which past absences will display in the portal.

Will you allow your parents to schedule makeups? If so, determine which classes display for makeup selection in the portal. Define when makeups can be scheduled and if parents can cancel scheduled makeups.
Family record > Contact record > Portal InformationControl a specific contact's ability to manage absences and makeups in the family's portal.

This setting will default to selected (= yes) when you opt to allow parents to schedule absences &/or makeups in the Parent Portal Absence & Makeup Settings. Clear the check box to remove the ability for a specific contact.