Parent Portal

The Jackrabbit Parent Portal allows your existing customers to manage their accounts online.

The Parent Portal - An Overview

The Jackrabbit Parent Portal allows your existing customers to manage their accounts with you online, at any time of day.

Get Started with the Parent Portal

This section of articles covers the setup and launch of your Parent Portal.

Legal Policies and the Parent Portal

Have your customers agree to your legal policies in the Parent Portal on an annual basis or renew their agreement if you change or update your current policies.

ePayments in the Parent Portal

Allow your customers to submit online payments (credit card or bank draft) through their Parent Portals.

Enrollment in the Parent Portal

Learn about class and event enrollment and how to offer priority enrollment in the Parent Portal.

Add Access to Online Training in the Parent Portal

Use a virtual class link or add a resource to a Class record and the information can be shared through the Parent Portal.

Allow Parents to Schedule Absences in the Parent Portal

Save administrative hours and offer convenience by letting parents schedule their students' absences.

Allow Parents to Schedule Makeups in the Parent Portal

When you track absences and offer makeups, the Parent Portal can be set to allow your families to schedule makeups for their students through their portals.

Communication in the Parent Portal

Learn about the various ways to communicate with families through their Parent Portals.

Options for Viewing the Activity in your Parent Portal

Jackrabbit has provided several options to help you monitor Portal activity.

Parent Portal Troubleshooting

Learn how to address portal issues such as portal password resets and lockouts due to multiple incorrect password attempts.

Add a Student Resource to the Parent Portal

Add a resource to a Student record and share it with parents in the Parent Portal.