General Settings - An Overview

In addition to the Organization Default Settings, Drop-down Lists, Locations, and User IDs, there are several additional settings to help you optimize your Jackrabbit system:

Self Check-In

Students can skip the front desk and check themselves in at your facility. Learn more about Self Check-In.

Closed Dates

Designate specific days during the year when your facility will be closed. Learn more about Closed Dates.


These settings control the announcements on the Executive Dashboard. Learn more about Dashboard Announcements.


These settings control the email notifications within your Jackrabbit database. Learn more about Email Notifications Settings.

Organization Logo

Display your organization logo in numerous areas including the Online Registration form, the Parent Portal Login screen, and on Printed and Emailed Statements. Learn how to upload and use your Organization Logo.


Customize the look of your statements by setting default statement settings. Using default statement settings is a time-saver and is optional. Learn more about Statements/Invoices Default Settings

Text Messaging

These settings control text messaging if you have texting enabled in your database. Learn more about Text Messaging Settings.

Tuition Settings

This menu item links to the Manage your discounting & prorating settings page. Learn more about Tuition Settings.

User-defined Fields

These settings control the Family and Student User-defined Fields (UDF) which are custom fields so you can capture and store important information for your organization. Learn more about User-defined Fields.

These additional General Settings are located under the Gear (icon) > Settings > General > left menu.