Your Guide to Year-End Reporting

As the year comes to a close, we'd like to help you prepare for the new year with this year-end reporting guide. 

Reporting in Jackrabbit is key to providing information for the following:

  •  Check revenue and enrollment for the year to determine your business's financial health.
  •  Provide tax information for families to submit for childcare or educational tax deductions.
  •  Prepare for your business tax preparation.

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Things to Consider

The answers to these questions will help you create a plan, which will help determine your next steps.

  • Do you need to generate end-of-year enrollment reporting? Run enrollment reports to determine the number of students actively taking classes during the year and make income projections for the new year.
  • Should you adjust class offerings so you can fill more spots and add in-demand classes? Enrollment reports provide key indicators of classes that are successful and generate maximum revenue.
  • Are you considering adjusting your tuition fees to cover business expenses? Revenue reports help you determine if you have met your fiscal goals for the year.
  • Cash or accrual accounting? Who knows?  Jackrabbit uses cash accounting revenue reporting. If you use accrual accounting, you will have to make some adjustments. Learn more about Accounting and Jackrabbit.
  • Did you collect charitable donations throughout the year using the Store feature? Run a Revenue Summary report to see the total charitable donations you collected. Learn more about Accepting Charitable Donations in Jackrabbit and additional reporting options.

We recommend you download and review the helpful information contained in the End of Year Checklist.

Things to Do

After you have answered the questions above, it's time to use Jackrabbit reporting to take action!

Plan Ahead

Run reports on a regular basis and take action with the results. Also, don't forget to archive classes as needed.

Revenue Checks & Balances

Make this a regular routine to verify your revenue reports are accurate. Learn more about Maintaining Accurate Revenue Reports.

Email Families with Amount Due

Run the Aged Account Details report and email families with balances so you can receive payment before the end of the year, or use Search on the Transactions menu to search for specific unpaid fees such as costume (apparel) or event fees. Contact families about the amount due using the Send a Message iconon the results page.

Archive Classes

When Classes have ended and all tuition has been posted, we recommend archiving classes.  Classes may be archived individually, or if you use Sessions, Jackrabbit makes it easy to Transition to a New Session of Classes!

For businesses using an accrual method of accounting, refer to Convert Cash Accounting Records to Accrual at Period End.

Run & Review Revenue Reporting

These revenue reports will provide you with a clear picture of the fees posted, what was paid by Category, and people who may owe you money.

Fee Summary Report

Displays fees posted during a specific date range and any payments made against them or credits applied regardless of the payment date and their current unpaid amount.  This report can be viewed as a summary or in detail.

Paid Fees Report

Displays revenue by Category 1 with a breakdown by Transaction Type for a specific date range. This report can be viewed as a summary or in detail.

Revenue Summary Report

Displays revenue organized by Category 1, 2, and 3. This helps you to identify which category buckets your revenue falls into. It's a great way to compare which categories are generating the most revenue!

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Use this report, if you accept charitable donations, so you can determine how much was donated by families and send a check to the charity for that amount.  

Aged Accounts Details Report

Displays aged (overdue) unpaid fees by the family using the filters (Search Criteria) you select. Fees age from their transaction date and display in the number of days owing.

Deposit Slip Report

Organizes revenue by Payment Method for a specific day or date range.  Use the Payment Type and Payment Method to find non-monetary Credits.

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Run & Review Enrollment Reporting

Use these enrollment reports to identify which classes are successful. Maybe some of your classes aren't too popular, and the drop history for a class can be a key indicator that something needs to be adjusted or changed. 

Don't forget to take a look at your waitlists. Maybe it's time to add additional classes.

Enrollment Detail Report

Identify areas of growth or decline in your program, the number of students actively taking classes as of a particular date or date range, and analyze retention by Instructor.  This report can be viewed as a summary or in detail.

On-Demand Webinar Series - 

Student Attendance Report

Overview of attendance and enrollment in your classes. You will get the most benefit from this report if you use the Staff Portal for attendance.

Drop History Report

Displays students who have dropped, transferred, or completed classes.

Search Waitlists Report

Help determine the need to create additional classes, move students to another class, etc. Great for maximizing class size for efficiency and maximum revenue.

After you run your enrollment reports, you may want to consider moving inactive families to the Lead File who haven't been active for more than 18 months. This helps keep your data up-to-date and may lower your monthly fees with us since families moved to the Lead File do not count towards your monthly Jackrabbit subscription.

Contact us if you have questions about any information included in this Guide to Year-End Reporting. Click on the question markin Jackrabbit to request assistance, or click here to book a call with one of our Support Specialists.