Costumes and Apparel

Manage costumes (apparel, equipment, materials, supplies, uniforms).

Costumes and Apparel Overview

Learn how the Costume / Apparel / Supplies / Equipment module makes the job of ordering much easier.

Add Drop-down Values for Costumes (Apparel) - Vendor Type and Size

Create drop-down values related to Costume (Apparel) and student sizes.

Create Costume (Apparel) Vendors and Vendor Size Charts

Learn how to create vendors and size charts.

Assign Sizes / Measurements to Students

Student costume sizes can be entered from the Student or the Class record.

Options for Size Charts and Pricing

Review options for average pricing or different prices based on size.

Add Costumes (Apparel) to Classes and Students

Learn how to add costumes to classes and students.

Auto-Size Costumes (Apparel)

Automatically assign sizes to students in classes base on their girth measurement with a size chart.

Post Costume (Apparel) Fees - Deposits and Balance Due

Post costume deposits and balance due using the costume/apparel feature.

Costume (Apparel) Purchase Orders

Review these instructions to create and print purchase orders for costumes and apparel.

Costume (Apparel) Reports

Create and use these reports to assist you with sizing, student sizes, and costumes.