Track Your Students' Attendance

Tracking student attendance is vital for your business. When you keep accurate attendance records, you will be able to identify trends and make informed business decisions.

  • A student who is missing several classes may leave your school; reach out to them to find a solution.
  • Recognize a student for their perfect attendance and reward them for their commitment.
  • A class where several students are repeatedly absent may indicate issues with an instructor or the class itself may not be 'hitting the mark'; analyze the trends and make the necessary adjustments.

Jackrabbit offers two options for keeping your student's attendance records, allowing you to choose the workflow that works best for you.

By default Jackrabbit is set to track absences (when a student is not in class). Because students will be in class more often than they are not, tracking absences is less data entry for your staff. You can, however, opt to have that setting changed so that you are tracking attendance (when a student is in class) instead.

There are several differences between a Jackrabbit database that is set to track absences and a database set to track attendance. 

Most importantly:


Record several absences at once, for either one student, or a whole family of students.

Schedule makeups for missed classes.

Use a barcode scanner to record the students who come to class.

If you are tracking absences and would prefer to track attendance, contact Jackrabbit Support using the in your database. Note: When you switch from one tracking method to another, previously entered absence/attendance information is no longer available.

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Once you've entered absences or attendance you'll want to be able to use the data. Learn about options for reporting on your student's attendance.