Tuition Settings

Billing Cycles? Tuition Discounts? Discount Rules? There are several decisions you need to make when you are ready to set up your tuition settings and related rules and options. All these settings impact how Jackrabbit bills your families.

  • Initial Setup - Go to the Gear (icon) > Settings > General > Tuition Settings (left menu), to start the Setup Wizard which will guide you through the initial setup of your Tuition Billing Settings, Discount Rules, Discount Settings, Prorating Options, and Tuition Fee Settings.  Note: You can choose to complete the wizard or skip it and step through the settings on your own. Once completed, or if you choose to skip it, the Wizard is no longer an option.
  • Update Tuition Settings - Go to the Gear (icon) > Settings > Tuition & Discounting for quick access to update your tuition settings whenever needed.

Use the links below to learn more about each section of tuition settings:

Tuition Billing Settings

How do you bill (post tuition fees)? Learn more about Tuition Billing Methods.

How often do you bill? Learn more about Tuition Billing Cycles.

Discount Rules 
(Classes Billed by Class Tuition Fee)

Tuition Discount Rules define multi-class and/or multi-student discounts and can be assigned to classes or to families. Learn more about Discount Rules

Discount Settings
(Classes Billed by Total Hours)

For classes that use the Billing Method of By Total Hours and post hours per student, you may offer multi-student discounts. Learn more about Discount Settings.

Prorating Options

When a student enrolls after a Billing Cycle has started, Jackrabbit will determine how many classes are left in the Billing Cycle and prorate accordingly. Learn more about Prorating Tuition Fees.

Tuition Fee Settings

Manage how and when tuition fees are posted to your customer accounts. Learn more about Tuition Fee Settings.