Classes and Lessons

All information related to classes and lessons.

The Class Record

Learn about the information located on each tab in the record and the various buttons available to perform actions for the class.

Class Summary Tab - The Fields Explained

This article gives a brief description of each field on the Summary tab of a Class record.

Add Classes and Lessons

Learn how to add classes and lessons from the Classes menu, the Weekly Calendar, and private lessons.

Set Up Classes that Meet Multiple Days at Different Times

Follow this process to add classes that meet on multiple days, but at different times.

Set Up Camps as Classes

Jackrabbit recommends setting up your camps as classes vs events, learn why.

Edit and Copy Classes

Learn how to copy an individual class or multiple classes at once, and how to edit classes in mass.

Delete a Class

Use caution when deleting classes. Deleting a class completely deletes it from your Jackrabbit database and it cannot be retrieved.

Work with All Classes - View, Search, and Take Action

All Classes, located in the Classes menu, generates a list of all active and inactive classes. Filter the grid data to take action for individual or multiple classes.

Transition to a New Session of Classes

Follow these steps to maintain two sessions simultaneously and ultimately archive the old session.

Archive Classes

Learn how to archive classes that are completed and how to restore them if needed.

Class Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans are a great way to provide your instructors with guidelines to help them run successful classes.

Class Calendars

Learn about the various formats of the class calendar, Weekly and Daily calendars, and views by day or by room.

Class / Lesson Reports

Use these reports to work with data related to your classes including class rolls, class sign in/out sheets, and more.