User Roles

User Roles in Jackrabbit are used to help us tailor our communications to each User based on the role they perform in the business. This allows Users to get the most useful information specifically related to their work.

Select the User Role, or Roles, that best describe the User's core responsibilities and they'll receive timely information on product updates, training opportunities, time-saving tips, temporary outages, and more. 

In this example, Livy's roles have been defined as Office Staff and Instructor/Coach.

She WILL receive:
  • Notification of an enhancement to the Weekly Calendar
  • Notification of an enhancement to the Staff Portal
She will NOT receive:
  • Information about an update to the QuickBooks integration (Finance/Bookkeeping was not selected)

Assign User Roles to a User ID

User IDs are managed from the Gear (icon) > Settings > Users & Permissions > User ID (left menu). Select a User ID to open the User Details page and select the roles that best describe the User's job duties.

  • Remember, it is best practice to require each User ID to have a unique email address. This is important not only for password resets but also to ensure your Users receive important communication from Jackrabbit.
Select as many roles as needed to include all of the hats you wear! Only select Other when the User's responsibilities are not covered by the available roles. When a communication is sent that is directed to more than one role, we will only send out one email.