Add Items to a Costume (Purchase) Order

If additional costumes are added after an order has been created, use Add Items to Order to add costumes to the existing order.

  1. Go to the Classes (menu) > Costume Management.
  2. Click Add Items to Order (left menu).
  3. Select a Vendor from the drop-down list (mandatory).
  4. Add any other filter criteria you need.
  5. Click View Available Items.
  6. Any available items for that Vendor will display.
    • Item Name, Class Name, and Primary Instructor are clickable and can be used to further investigate the available item(s).
    • If you do not want to include the item on an existing order, uncheck the Order checkbox.
    • If you do want to include the item on an existing order, leave the Order box checked.
  7. When complete, click Add to Existing Order.
    • In the Add Items to Order pop-up box, select a created Order ID from the drop-down list.

  8. Click Add Items.
  9. Click OK.