Schedule a Makeup from the Class Record

When you track absences in Jackrabbit, and you allow your students to make up their missed classes, there are a few different ways to schedule a makeup.

One of these workflows is to schedule a makeup class from the Class record.

To schedule a makeup for a student, the student must have been marked absent, and the absence must have been marked as "Eligible for Makeup". 

Schedule a Makeup from the Class Record

  1. Go to the Absences tab of the Class record of the class the student missed.
  2. In the # Absences column, click the number next to the appropriate student name to open the Absence History listing.  

  1. Locate the absence you want to schedule the makeup for and select the Schedule Makeup link. This will open the Weekly Calendar. For organizations with different locations, click Change Criteria at the top of the calendar to customize the calendar view for all locations (leave blank) or select a different location.

  2. After locating a makeup class on the calendar, hover over it to display the class information and click the Schedule Makeup button to schedule the student's makeup in that class.  

  3. The makeup details are now visible on the Makeups tab of the Class record.

If the Makeup Exp. Date has not passed, i.e., it is earlier than the current date, it can be edited to accommodate for longer outages. If needed you can extend the expiration date for multiple absences that occurred during a specific time frame.