Class / Lesson Reports

Use these reports to work with data related to your classes including class rolls, class sign in/out sheets, and more.

The Search Classes Report

Learn how to access the information located on the Class record to get the information you need.

Class Schedule

Create a schedule of classes using search criteria including by session, instructor, classes with openings, and more.

Weekly, Daily, and Monthly Calendars/Schedules

Calendars/Schedules can be created in several different views.

List Classes with Openings

The Openings report provides you with a list of classes that display your classes that have openings.

Search Waitlists / Waitlists with Openings

The Search Wait Lists report displays a list of students that are waitlisted for classes.

Class Rolls Report

The Class Rolls report displays information for students enrolled in a selected class or classes and is generally used when taking class attendance manually.

Absences-Makeups Report

When tracking absences, this report lists the students who are absent and are eligible for makeup classes.

Attendance Report

For organizations that track attendance, this report compiles a list of students who attended classes during a selected timeframe.

Class Sign In / Out Sheets

Sign In/Sign Out Sheets are used to manually sign students in and out of class on a specific date.

Class Skills/Levels Report

The Class Skills/Levels report displays the skills each student enrolled in the class is working on.

Search and List Archived Classes

Use List Archived Classes to restore classes and to send an email to the students who had been enrolled in the class.