Archive Classes

Learn how to archive classes that are completed and how to restore them if needed.

Archive Classes - An Overview

Once a class has completely ended and all tuition has been posted, the class should be archived rather than deleted.

Archive Dashboard Alert

The Dashboard alert Classes Past End Date To Archive displays active classes which have a class end date before the current date.

Archive a Single Class

An individual class can be archived from the Classes menu or from within the Class record using the Archive Class button.

Archive a Group of Classes

Use Archive Classes from the Classes menu to select a group of classes to archive all at once.

Restore an Archived Class

Archived Classes can be restored to their original status if needed and this also restores the enrollment for the class.

Email an Archived Class

Use the List Archived Classes report to access the record of an archived class and email the students that were enrolled.

List/Search Archived Classes

Use List Archived Classes (Class menu > Class reports) to email an archived class or to restore classes.