What is a User ID?

A Jackrabbit User ID and password are the keys to your database; these credentials give a User the ability to log into your database. Users can be limited as to which areas of your database they are able to work in with User Permissions. For example, you may want your Managers to have access to revenue reports but you would like to restrict those areas for all other Users. This is done by removing the permissions relating to financial reports from all Users except management. 

If you have staff that only need to be able to manage their classes and record their time worked they don't have to have a User ID. Jackrabbit offers a Staff Portal where your staff can perform these tasks in a secure, mobile friendly, environment. Check out the Staff Portal section of articles for more information on this great feature!

Each Jackrabbit User must have her/her own unique User ID. A Jackrabbit database can maintain as many User IDs as needed.

A Jackrabbit User ID must be unique throughout Jackrabbit's entire application. This is illustrated in the following example: 

  • You have an employee named Dianne Smith who would like her User ID to be 'dsmith'. 
  • When you are adding her User ID to your database you receive an error message User ID not available
  • You do not have any User ID 'dsmith' in your database.

    Why is this User ID not available?

    A Studio down the street has a long time employee, Deirdre Smith, and her User ID is 'dsmith'. Deirdre has already taken the User ID 'dsmith' and there can only be one.

User IDs are managed from Edit Settings > User IDs or Manage Users & Permissions, both under the Tools menu.