Monitor Makeups Scheduled in the Parent Portal

When you Allow Parents to Schedule Makeups in the Parent Portal, there are a couple of ways to monitor the makeups that are scheduled by your customers through their portals. 

Parent Portal Log Report

To access the Parent Portal Log report go to Families (menu) > Family Reports and select Parent Portal Log (on the Recommended tab).

Use the Filter Option Makeups to report on all makeups scheduled in the Parent Portal during a specified date range.

Add the Parent Portal Log to your Reports menu by selecting it as a frequently used report. Learn more about My Reports!

Makeup Notifications

When a makeup is scheduled in the Parent Portal, Jackrabbit immediately sends an email notification to: 

  • The instructor of the makeup class. If there are multiple instructors, only the first instructor (Instructor 1) will receive the email.
  • The primary contacts in the family record of the student enrolled in the makeup class. 
  • The email address for the Portal Login ID that scheduled the makeup. 

Additionally, you can choose to send email notifications to a specified email address. Go to the Gear icon > Settings > General > Organization Defaults (left menu) and scroll down to the Parent Portal Absence & Makeup Settings.

Go to the Makeup notifications setting and select Yes to receive notification emails when makeups are scheduled in the parent portal.

Consider creating a dedicated email address for makeup notifications and assign that email address to a staff member or supervisory role.