Class Status

The status of a class is defined on the Summary tab of the Class record.

When a Jackrabbit database is created five status values are added. Two of the values are reserved for use with Jackrabbit features and three values are provided for optional use.

Active (reserved)

Classes that are open for enrollment.

Archived (reserved)

Completed classes that have been "put to sleep" so they don't show up in your current list of classes or on class calendars. See Archive Classes.


Classes that are not open for enrollment.


Classes with start dates in the future.

Custom statuses can be added from the Gear icon > Settings > General > Drop-down Lists (left menu) > Class > Status.

Important Notes

  • Active and Future classes are included in the Class Listings Tables. Classes that have been assigned a customized status are also included. Archived and Inactive classes will not display.
  • The Parent Portal will only display classes with a status of Active or Future. Archived or Inactive classes will not display, nor will classes with a custom status.
  • The Post Tuition Fees function on the Transactions menu will only post tuition to classes with an Active status. 
  • The status of a class does not become Inactive when the end date has passed; it must be archived for Jackrabbit to recognize that the class is no longer active and the enrollment is considered past enrollment for a student.