Hide Columns in Your Class Listings Tables

Once you have your table filtered to your desired results, you may want to hide some of the columns in the table.

The column order is set or hardcoded. Columns can be hidden, but not moved to a different order. Our standard code will provide a table showing these 12 columns automatically, in this order left to right. To hide columns, you will use &hidecols=x where x is one of the targets (column headers).

Use Targets to Hide Columns

Any of the column headers shown (in the table above) can be hidden with the exception of Register. Each column header is referred to as a "target". Multiple targets can be used to hide multiple columns. Use a comma to separate the targets in the string. Note: Use StartDate for the Class Starts column and EndDate for Class Ends column targets.

Example - hide the Description, Gender, Openings, EndDate, and Session columns:


Table created from hiding the columns above:

The example code in the gold box above shows the URL source part of the code. If you are embedding the table directly into your webpage you will need to include this URL source code into the full scripting HTML. Refer to Online Class Listings (Tables) for details on using the full script.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How can I control the width of each column in the table?

A.  The overall table width is automatic - it will shrink or stretch to fit into your content area or div.  The column width in each table is determined by the maximum character count in that column. The individual column widths can not be controlled by the HTML codes provided by Jackrabbit.  The only way to control them would be to have a website administrator use the table data and manipulate the output layout.  

If you are placing several tables on the same webpage, consider inserting a few rows of descriptive text between each table to visually break up the page.  The tables look best when the Description column is not used (hidden).