How to Cancel your Jackrabbit Subscription

We would be so sorry to see you go, but you can cancel your subscription at any time. Canceled accounts, in good standing, will remain active until the start of the next billing period (1st of the month) following the date of cancellation. 

Email the Billing Department ( BEFORE the first of the month to avoid being charged that month's service fee.

Before You Go - We Have Some Options for You!

  • Keep using Jackrabbit AND lower your monthly Jackrabbit subscription fee
    Your monthly fee is based on the total # of students (active+ inactive) in your database, BUT all family/student records stored in your Lead File are EXCLUDED from monthly fees. You can maintain an unlimited number of families in the Lead File without increasing your subscription fee! Learn how to use the Lead File.

  • Would you benefit from Phone Training and a review of your database?
    If you feel Jackrabbit is not meeting your needs, we want to help! Our phone training will help maximize your use of the software to make your business more profitable and easier to manage.
    There is no cost for training and database review. We will give recommendations and assistance in areas where you have questions, where Jackrabbit has new functionality, or where we see existing features that will benefit your business.

    Your Jackrabbit fees will be waived for the month of your training!

  • Need us to HOLD your data for a while?
    Jackrabbit can place your account on hold for a flat fee of $20/month. We will continue to store your data exactly as you have left it for as long as you need! Email the Billing Department directly at to request a hold. You will not have access to your data while on hold. When you are ready to access your database again, just let us know; full access will be restored immediately and regular billing will resume.

What Happens to My Data When I Cancel?

All information is cleared when your account is canceled. We recommend you request a data export and print reports before canceling.  

If you would like your information saved "as is" for future reference e.g. for end-of-year reporting or you are a seasonal business, we recommend you place your account on hold (see above).

Request a Data Export

At the time of cancellation, our Billing Department can run a utility to provide you with an export, in Excel format, of your Jackrabbit family, student, class, and transaction data. To request a data export, email Billing directly at

Important Notes about the Data Export:

  • Time Clock and staff records are not included in the export; run appropriate reports before your service is canceled.
  • Lead File data is not included in the export; as part of the process of archiving families to the Lead File, an export of those families' data should have been done (this is not mandatory in the process, but highly recommended).

Reports to Print Before Cancelling

We recommend you run several key reports before you cancel, as they will have your most important information in them in a straightforward format.

If you have an active ePayments account linked to Jackrabbit, you must contact your ePayment provider to cancel your gateway and merchant services account. Cancelling Jackrabbit does not cancel your ePayments merchant services accounts.