Manage your Jackrabbit Subscription Account

Everything you need to know about your Jackrabbit subscription.

Jackrabbit Fees and Payment Policies

Subscription fees, payment schedule, and Terms & Conditions are explained here.

Manage Your Account in the Jackrabbit Billing Portal

Use the Jackrabbit Billing Portal to update and manage your Jackrabbit subscription account.

Jackrabbit's Referral Credit Program

Refer a friend for $50 credit on your Jackrabbit account.

Update my 30-day Free Trial to a Jackrabbit Subscription

Steps to convert a free trial to a subscription.

Change of Jackrabbit Database Ownership

Follow these steps to change the ownership of a Jackrabbit database.

How to Cancel your Jackrabbit Subscription

We hate to see you leave! Check out these options prior to canceling your subscription.