Drop-down Lists

Customize the drop-down lists or drop-down fields for your database.

Customize Drop-down Lists - An Overview

Customizing drop-down lists is useful for searching information and creating reports.

Class Category

Understand how categories in Jackrabbit can help you and how to set them up.

Class Sessions

Understand why Sessions can be very helpful for your business and learn how to set them up.

Class Status

The status of a class is defined on the Summary tab of the Class record.

ePayment Schedule

ePayment drop-down values can be used to group families when posting tuition or processing payments.

Source (How did you hear about us?)

Used for both Online Registration and Quick Registration form, the Source field identifies how your customers found you.

Vendor Types (Costume/Apparel)

This drop-down list classifies the type of vendors you use.


This drop-down list is for t-shirt sizes, vendor sizes, and vendor size charts.

Skill/Level Categories

These drop-down values are used to group or classify Student Skills/Levels.

Payment Method

Create drop-down values to identify how a customer has paid.

Transaction Subtypes

Transaction Subtypes provide additional information for Transaction Types.

Transaction Types

Transaction Types are used to record the type of fee and payment transaction.