Posting Other Fees (Non-Tuition)

Most of the fees you post in Jackrabbit will be for class tuition fees. In addition, there will be other fees you will need to charge your families. 

It's important to consider and answer these questions before you make decisions on when and how to post fees that are not tuition related:

  • Annual Fees - Is there a membership, insurance, or annual fee for students? Does the annual fee cover the entire family or does the fee depend on the number of students enrolled in a family?

  • Late Fees - Unfortunately, this can be a common occurrence and student accounts may not be paid in a timely manner. Will you be charging a late fee? What is the charge on a late balance? Is there a flat late fee per student per class or does the fee adjust depending on the delinquent amount?

  • Miscellaneous (Misc) Fees - This is a catch-all category for other fees your organization charges. This could be for merchandise, recitals, registration for swim meets, etc. Are these miscellaneous fees taxable? Are these fees related to a specific event?

  • Class Transactions - Are there fees related to specific classes in your organization? Maybe you have fees for recitals and those fees vary by class levels?

  • Post Other Fees - Do you have additional fees you would like to post to specific families? 

Ready? Set? Post Those Fees!

There are many ways to post non-tuition fees in Jackrabbit. This section was designed to help you understand your options and provide you with information and step-by-step instructions.

Post Annual FeesYou have the option to post annual fees by any of the following: Family Registration Month, Student Start Month or Student per Class. Learn how to Post Annual Fees.
Post Late & Misc FeesDesigned to post late fees, this functionality can also be used to post any non-tuition miscellaneous fee to your families. Learn more about Post Late Fees (or Misc Fees).
Post Class TransactionsThis functionality is used to post non-tuition fees to families when students are enrolled in a specific class. Learn how to Post Class Transactions.
Post Other FeesYou can go to the Transactions menu to post fees (other than class tuition fees) to specific families, or, use the Make Sale/Post Fees button on any family record page. Learn more about posting other fees.