Family Overpaid and Wants a Full Refund (Refund Example)

A family paid $100.00 by check for costume and recital fees. However, the fees had already been paid. They have a -$100.00 credit balance. The entire amount will be refunded using the organization's Check #10100. The family balance will return to $0.00.

Process a Refund

  1. Click the R on the payment line.
  2. Change the Post Date if needed.
  3. Select Check from the Refund Method drop-down and record the Refund Check #.
  4. Add a Note for reference.
  5. Check the Unapplied Amount and leave the Refund Amt at 100.00. Click Next.
    • Because this payment is an overpayment (not applied to fees), it cannot be marked as due in the Are Fees Still Due? window (the buttons will be inactive). 
  6. Click Submit Refund.

Family Transaction Tab View

  • A Refund - Overpayment for $100.00 has been added and linked to the original payment.
  • The family balance is increased to $0.00.
  • The R icon is no longer visible for the payment because it has been completely refunded.