Email Notification Settings

Many actions in Jackrabbit create email notifications that will be sent to your staff, for example, online registrations and Parent Portal payments. From the Gear (icon) > Settings > General > Notifications (left menu), the Notifications page provides a centralized location to designate or edit the email addresses that these notifications are sent to.

The page is divided into three sections, each containing links that allow you to quickly navigate to other areas of your database where related settings are maintained. Note: Some of the settings found on the Notifications page can also be found on the related settings pages. Any changes made to fields on this main Notifications page will also be changed on those related settings pages and vice versa.

To specify multiple email addresses in any one email field, list them separated by a semicolon. Example:;

Organization, Location, and User ID Emails

These email addresses are options displayed for the Reply To email address in the following tasks/actions: Email Families, Email Leads, Email Student Schedules, Email Class, Email Staff, and Statements-Email. Note: The Reply To email address will default to the User ID email address (the User currently logged in and performing the task).

Example (Email Families)

Notifications from Customers using Online Registration or the Portal

Email alerts are sent to the email addresses assigned in this section when new families register online or existing families use their Parent Portals to register students, make payments, update contact and student information, etc.

When there are multiple Business Locations in your database, you can choose either to use the Location email address (Gear icon  > Settings > General > Business Locations) OR use the email address entered in the Online Registration Notification Email field and the Parent Portal Notification Email field. When Use Location Email Address = Yes, it will override the email addresses listed in the Online Registration Notification Email and Parent Portal Notification Email fields.

If you would like Jackrabbit to automatically email the primary instructor when a student is enrolled in their class via Online Registration or through the Parent Portal, set Send Enrollment Email to Instructors to Yes in the Class Settings section of your Organization Default SettingsLearn more here.

Notifications for ePayments, Texting, Events, and Staff Portal Emails

If you will be utilizing ePayments in Jackrabbit, assign an ePayment Receipt Reply To Email. This email address will receive notifications for credit card and bank draft payments. It will also be the Reply To email address where you will receive any replies to your ePayment receipt emails.

If you will be utilizing Texting in Jackrabbit, designate a Texting Notification Email. This email address will receive any replies to texts that you have sent from your database. (When a recipient of a text sends a text reply it is converted to email.)

Review the Event Type Notification Emails which are assigned on the Event Type > Summary tab. Use the Event Type link to make any necessary changes.

The Staff Portal reply to email displays a listing of active Staff and displays their individual notification setting. This indicates whether replies to emails sent from the Staff Portal will be sent to the Organization email or the Staff person's email. Use the link to a Staff record to edit the Email replies sent to setting on the Portal Settings tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Does Jackrabbit display all the email addresses in the "To" field if I send an email to a group?

A.  When you send an email to a group using Jackrabbit, the "To" field only displays the recipient's email address. All other emails are masked.  

Q.  When I send an email from within Jackrabbit what is displayed in the "From" field?

A.  All emails generated from within Jackrabbit display your organization name (Gear icon > Account > My Account > Organization Details) in the "From" field, followed by ''. 

Emails sent from Jackrabbit must be sent with an email address from the Jackrabbit domain. To ensure that your customers receive, and are able to reply to, your emails Jackrabbit sends the message from ''. Our Developers have created code so that your customers are able to reply to these emails and you will receive them in the inbox that you designate when you create the email in Jackrabbit.

Q.  How do I edit or add email addresses shown in the "Email Replies Sent To" and "Send Additional Emails To" selections?  

A.  The list of email addresses shown are pulled directly from User ID and Location emails. Use the Gear (icon) > Settings > General > User IDs or Locations to add another User or Location email or edit an existing one.