Review Recent Transactions - Tuition Fees

Under the Transactions menu, Recent Transactions > Tuition Fees provides a listing of all tuition fees posted, whether through Online Registration, the Parent Portal, or internally.

There are many ways that tuition fees can be posted. Some are manual and some may be automated. This tool provides the big picture and is the key to staying 'in the loop'!

What Does Each Column Describe?

Ran OnThe Ran On date is the date and time the tuition posting occurred.

The Operation column describes the type of tuition posting:

  • Manual (When Post Now is used)
    • When the posting was done internally, the User ID provided.
    • When the posting was generated through the Parent Portal, the email address of the parent that was logged in is displayed.
    • When the posting was done with an Online Registration, the word Online will display.

  • Task (When Post Later is used and the posting runs at a later date)
    • The name of the scheduled task is listed.
Posted TransactionsPosted Transactions are those fees that were selected to post (vs the number of fees that were captured according to the criteria and settings that were selected).
Total TransactionsTotal Transactionare the fees that were pulled into the posting based on the criteria and settings used, including those that did not post.
Posting Source

The Posting Source tells you where the posting was generated:

  • Post Tuition Fees - the posting was created using Post Tuition Fees (Transactions menu).
  • Parent Portal - the posting was generated from the Parent Portal.
  • Enroll Student - tuition fees were posted when a student was enrolled from their Student record.
  • Enroll Class - tuition fees were posted when a student was enrolled from the Class record.
  • Online - tuition fees were posted with an Online Registration.
Posting DetailsThe Posting Details link provides access to the details of the tuition posting.