Store Setup and Maintenance

Everything you need to know about setting up and maintaining your Store.

Things to Consider When Setting up the Store

A few things to think about when you are getting your Store set up in Jackrabbit.

User Permissions Required for the Store

There are seven store-related user permissions required for Users.

Add Drop-down List Values for the Store

Drop-down values need to be created when you decide to use the Store for your business.

Add Item Vendors to the Store

Item vendors need to be added when you use the Store for your business.

Add Items to the Store

Guidelines on how to add items to your Store including descriptions for the Add Item fields and some FAQs.

Delete Items from your Store

Items in the Store can be deleted or changed to inactive by going to Items located under the Store menu.

Item Barcodes for the Store

Follow these steps if you want to set up a barcode scanner for your Store.

Add Additional Store Accounts

Additional Store accounts can be easily created and used for your business.