Disabling the Autofill Feature in Browsers - Why and How

Autofill automates the process of filling out forms online by automatically populating fields with data you've entered before. It is turned on by default in many web browsers.

Turn off autofill in the browser that you use to access Jackrabbit to avoid incorrect form completion.

It is possible for autofill to populate form fields with incorrect information, leading to data entry errors. If you have ever seen your own name or address appear in a form where you were trying to enter student or family information, this was likely caused by autofill. 

Choose your browser from the list below for instructions on how to turn off autofill.


To disable autofill in Chrome, follow the instructions provided by Chrome to Stop Offering to Save Payment and Contact Info to Chrome and Delete Your Saved Autofill Form Info in Chrome.


To disable autofill in Edge, turn off the autofill option for both Payment Info and Addresses and More. Use these instructions provided by Microsoft to find the setting options in Edge. The article describes turning the options on, but you should turn them off.


To disable autofill in Firefox, turn off autofill for both Addresses and Other Form Entries. Follow the instructions in both links below to turn off these autofill options.


To disable autofill in Safari, turn off each individual autofill option that Safari offers. Use the article below to read about Safari's current list of autofill options and where to find them. Once you've located these options in Safari settings, uncheck the box next to each of them to turn them off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  I see random information in a family or student record. Why did this happen, and how can I fix it?

A.  If autofill is turned on in your browser, your browser will automatically fill fields with the data you have entered in other forms in the past. Your browser may have auto-populated fields with random data when you were adding or editing data in a Jackrabbit form. Follow the instructions provided on this page to turn off autofill, then go to the record to correct the data.

Q.  I never noticed autofill before. Why is autofill suddenly on in my browser?

A.  Your browser may have turned autofill on after a browser update. You can follow the instructions on this page to fix this by turning off autofill.