User ID Login Status

In the User Details section of a User ID profile, the UserID log in Status field indicates the 'health' of the User ID.


All clear! The User is able to log into your database.

Permission Revoked

A System Administrator can revoke a User ID by changing the UserID log in Status to Permission Revoked, for example if the employee was terminated. A User ID who has been revoked is no longer able to log into your database.

Locked Out

As a security measure, Jackrabbit will lock out a User if three incorrect password attempts are made. See Jackrabbit User ID Passwords for instructions on how Users can reset their passwords. 

The System Administrator can reset a User ID from within the database by completing the following:

  • Point to Tools and click Manage Users & Permissions.
  • Click on the User ID that has been locked out.
  • Change UserID log in Status drop-down from Locked Out to Normal.
  • Save Changes.