Time Clock Export Settings - Express Payroll

Jackrabbit's export file imports seamlessly into Express Payroll. To learn more about Express Payroll, refer to the Express Payroll topic or visit www.express-payroll.com.

If you have a new employee or need to update staff information with Express Payroll, you can use Export Staff Details. The export removes the Social Security number to assist with security of personal information. Remove staff members who are not new or do not need information updated and attach to an email to Express Payroll!

The following items need to be correctly set up in order for the export from your Jackrabbit database and the import into Express Payroll to work properly.  

  • During Organizational Setup, you had the option to create Departments. In Express Payroll, Custom Pay Types are the same as Departments in Jackrabbit. These need to be entered in the same order in both Jackrabbit and Express Payroll. For example, if Private Lesson is the first Department in Jackrabbit, it should also be the first Custom Pay Type in Express Payroll. If you enter most of your hours in the Express Payroll 'Regular' Pay Type, this must be your first Jackrabbit Department. Note: Your Jackrabbit Department names can be up to 10 alpha-numeric characters. Express Payroll is only able to see the first 5 characters. This can be problematic if many of your Departments in Jackrabbit start with the same 5 or more characters. 
     If you have time split between different departments for your birthday parties: Birthday-Leader, Birthday-Helper, Birthday-Coach, Express Payroll will only see the time as being split between departments but they will all be seen only as "Birth".
  • Hour Types (also created during Organizational Setup) are the same as Pay Types in Express Payroll.
  • Each staff person in Jackrabbit must be set up using their legal name in their staff record. Nicknames will not be recognized by Express Payroll.
  • Each staff person in Jackrabbit must have a corresponding Express Payroll Employee Number. This number must be recorded in the Staff ID field of theStaff record > Summary tab.
  • Each staff person in Jackrabbit that is Salaried (not Hourly) should have Salaried=Yes on their Summary tab.  
  • In order for Express Payroll to calculate properly, the following items must be communicated to Express Payroll outside of Jackrabbit (this is not part of the export process). You must tell Express Payroll when any of the following items occur. Jackrabbit does not do this for you. Paychecks will be incorrect if this communication doesn't happen. A suggestion is to add it to the body of the email which contains this export file sent to Express Payroll.
    • Staff has a dollar amount which needs to be added to their check (i.e. bonus, expense reimbursement, etc.)
    • Staff person is added.
    • Staff person has a pay rate change.

For instructions on exporting to Payroll with Payroll Express, refer to the Export to Payroll topic.