Parent Portal - Enroll a Student into a Class

In order for your parents to enroll students into classes in the Parent Portal, the Classes checkbox must be selected in your Parent Portal Settings. The Enroll Students option must also be selected (Gear icon > Settings > Parent Portal > Settings tab> Class Enrollment Settings). Refer to Set Up the Parent Portal for more information.

This example for enrolling a student into classes in the Parent Portal does not include payment at the time of enrollment. If you are signed up to accept ePayments and would like to process payments in the portal, refer to Require Payment in the Parent Portal for details and settings.

From the Parent Portal Dashboard, parents can enroll their students into classes using the Classes & Events option in the top menu to access the Find Classes page (the right sidebar menu can also be used).

When opened, the page is automatically filtered for the age ranges of the students in the family's record. With this, the only classes displayed are those with minimum and maximum age restrictions the students fall into. The filter can be removed to show all classes regardless of the age settings by toggling the Show me classes for... button to All Ages. In addition, classes at multiple locations and waitlists can be displayed.

The class listings can be further filtered and sorted to narrow down the results.

When the parent selects a class from the list, they are taken to the Class Details page where information about the class is displayed.

If they wish to enroll a student in the class, click the Add To Cart button. This opens the Enroll page where the parent can select the checkbox next to one or more students' names. They can optionally add information they feel is relevant in the Additional Info > Comments section. Note: the Comments field can be relabeled and made mandatory (required) with a Class Enrollment Parent Portal setting. See Set Up the Parent Portal for more information.

Legal policies related to the selected class (when applicable) will show at the bottom of the window. Click the View Policy link to see the details of the policy and toggle to agree to the policy. All policies must be agreed to before moving to enroll in the class. 

Refer to Legal Policies & Policy Groups for more details. Note: Select the checkbox located under the Gear (icon) > Settings > Parent Portal > Settings (tab) > Class Enrollment Settings > Require policy agreement for each enrollment and each time a parent enrolls in a class they will be presented with the policy agreements related to the class.

To select the class the parent will click Add.

A confirmation that the class has been added to their cart will display in a pop-up. Next, there is an option to Continue Shopping (enroll in additional classes) or to Checkout Now and complete the enrollment.

Adding a class to the cart does NOT COMPLETE the enrollment. The class is added to the cart and the parent can continue to shop for additional classes or go to checkout. Classes added to the cart do not 'hold a spot' for the student. The class will stay in the shopping cart until the parent clicks on the cart to complete the enrollment process. Classes can be removed from the cart, but, can't be edited or changed in the cart.

Click on Checkout Now to advance to the next screen and complete the enrollment.

A confirmation email is sent to the parent and also to your organization. This email is sent to the "Reply to" and "Send Alert to" Email Address designated in the Portal settings (Gear icon > Settings > Parent Portal > Settings tab > Communication).

The Parent Portal enrollment is viewable from the Family record> Misc tab > View Registrations.  It is also logged in Reports (menu) >  Find Reports > Families/Students > Recommended tab > Parent/Customer Portal Log.

Policies agreed to during the Parent Portal enrollment can be viewed in the Family record > Policies tab.