Revenue Snapshot Report

The Revenue Snapshot report (Reports > Transactions / Financials > Who Has Paid or Reports > All Reports) displays revenue by both Payment Method and Category 1.

Using this report you can:

  • Backup journal entries created using Jackrabbit's integration with QuickBooks.
  • Easily analyze each day's revenue by Payment Method and Category 1 when using a date range.
  • Can view revenue subtotals for each Category 1.

Search Criteria

Use the Search Criteria to narrow results down to the payments you want to work with.

Leaving a field blank is the same as saying "all".

Display Settings

Before submitting for results, you can:

  • Add a Subheading
  • Adjust Show Refunds 
  • Change Show Notes
  • Change Report format

Do you use QuickBooks? Check out our QuickBooks Help section for more information on Jackrabbit's Integration.