Revenue Reports

Analyze your revenue with this collection of reports that offer different views of the payments received during a specified time frame.

Class/Event Revenue Summary Report

The Class/Event Revenue Summary report displays all revenue associated with Classes and Events.

Deposit Slip Report

The Deposit Slip report organizes revenue by Payment Method for a specific day or time period that is selected.

Fee Summary Report

Review fees posted during a specified time frame and see their 'current state'.

Paid Fees Report

The Paid Fees report displays revenue by Category 1, with a breakdown by Transaction Type, for a specific day or time period.

Payment Method Summary Report

The Payment Method Summary report organizes revenue by Payment Method for a specified date or date range.

Revenue Snapshot Report

The Revenue Snapshot report displays revenue by both Payment Method and Category 1.

Revenue Summary Report

The Revenue Summary report displays revenue organized by Category 1, 2, and 3.

Revenue Reconciliation Reports

Analyze and reconcile revenue by Location or by Family using the Revenue Reconciliation reports.