Change of Jackrabbit Database Ownership

Before a change of ownership can be completed, the Jackrabbit Billing Team must receive authorization from the Current Owner.

  1. The Current Owner must notify the Billing Team, via email to, that they are transferring ownership to the New Owner. The Current Owner is the contact the Billing Team has listed as the Owner/Card Holder. The email must come from the associated email address and should include the following:
    • Organization name
    • OrgID (can be found under Gear icon > Account >My Account)
    • Name of the New Owner
    • Contact information for New Owner 
  2. Once the Billing Team has received this information, they will reach out to the New Owner with instructions on completing a Sign Up Form. This will provide Jackrabbit with the New Owner's billing contact information (Owner/Card Holder) and new payment method.
  3. The Current Owner should contact their ePayment Partner to either transfer their gateway to the New Owner (if the gateway allows) or cancel their gateway and merchant processor accounts. The payment partner, and their contact information, is listed in the database Credit Card/Bank Account Settings page, from the Gear (icon) > Settings > ePayments.
  4. The ePayments Team will send an email to the New Owner of the database letting them know that any ePayments processed will be deposited to the Current Owner’s (now past owner) account until they update with their own ePayments credentials. The email will provide several options for moving forward and should be read carefully.

If the existing database has an ePayments account assigned to it, the Billing Team will notify the Jackrabbit ePayments Team.