Grow Your Business Online

An online presence is a great way to let potential customers know your business exists and allows your current families to find out more about your business, check out what you offer, and contact customer service when it's convenient for them.

Jackrabbit makes it easy to provide registration options online! We've pulled together tips to create or improve your website and additional recommendations to maximize your online presence with social media.

Things to Consider

How and where do your potential customers shop and consume information? What social media do they use? Can you reach your target audience through current students, their parents, or both?

What online platforms do you want to use to offer your customers the ability to register online? Online options include email, websites, Facebook, and other social media.

Do you have a website as part of your online presence? The cost of a website can be low for a basic Do It Yourself (DIY) site to several thousand dollars for a more robust site that requires ongoing maintenance.

How do you make your youth activity center stand out from the competition? Check out these blogs to learn what our clients consider website must-haves.

Does your website quickly communicate the value of your class offerings and how they can fulfill a need or provide a novel experience?

What is the easiest way customers can find classes on your website? Will they look for classes by type, level, or age, for example?

Are the costs of your classes and events clear and fit your target audience? If your prices are too low, customers may feel the quality is less than your competitors (other youth activities).

Get Set Up to Go Online

We recommend you set up your classes in Jackrabbit using these guidelines:

  • Use clear and consistent names that accurately reflect the level or style being taught. This can help parents and students quickly identify which classes are appropriate for their needs. Here are some Tips for Naming Your Classes.
  • Add detailed class descriptions for classes and include the level of difficulty, and any prerequisites or requirements. Descriptions can help parents and students decide which classes to enroll in. 
    • You can add a Description in the Summary tab for each class and have it displayed in the Online Class Listings automatically.
    • Create class descriptions for groups of classes so you can add them using your website editor and have the information display on the webpage where your classes are listed.

Things to Do 

Select Integration Features

Decide which online features work best for your business. Jackrabbit offers several online integration features to take your business to the next level. You can select all or just some of these features to help maximize your online presence! We offer all of the following:

  • Online Registration Form
  • Online Class Listings
  • Parent Portal
  • Event Calendar
  • Staff Portal

We’ve pulled together all the information to get each feature set up, along with quick links, website examples, and resources to get you started! Learn more about our Online Integration Features and how to quickly add them to your website.

Look at Website Options

With so many options for your website, here are some key things to consider:

  • Choose a website host and website builder. Many website builders can also host your website, such as Wix or Squarespace. Consider your current and future needs, such as whether it can be customized and who will manage the site. See Google Domains - How to choose a website builder.
  • Create website titles and descriptions that grab attention and tell people and search engines what your website is about. 
  • People use search engines to find businesses, and understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is key to helping potential customers find your website. Be sure to include keywords and phrases on your website that people are using to find businesses like yours.
  • Speaking of blogs, they are great for sharing information with your customers and can help get your website noticed.
  • Make your website easy to navigate with easy-to-understand website addresses (URLs) and links between related pages.
  • Allow parents to manage their accounts with you by adding a link to the Parent Portal on your website.
  • Allow staff to manage their schedule and more by adding a link to the Staff Portal on your website. Learn more about the Staff Portal.
Display Your Program Offerings

Classes and Events are treated differently in Jackrabbit, both in how they are set up and how they are displayed online. 

It’s important to review the differences when adding your program offerings to Jackrabbit. See Compare Events & Classes to learn more.

Display Your Class Offerings

Jackrabbit displays your classes online in a user-friendly table format, automatically updating in real time. Learn how to quickly and easily display your class offerings online with our Online Class Listings (Tables).

Organizing class offerings in a user-friendly way is important to provide a positive experience for parents and students. This can help build trust and loyalty, ultimately leading to a more successful program.

Use the class descriptions you created in the Summary tab for each class to display automatically in the Online Class Listings or add a summary description on the webpage with your website editor for a group of classes.

Organize Your Class Offerings

Here are some tips for organizing your class offerings:

  • Categorize by Age or Level: Consider organizing your classes by age or skill level to make it easier for parents and students to find the right class. This can be especially helpful if you offer various classes for different age groups or skill levels.
  • Categorize by day of the week: Clearly display the class schedule and availability on your website, including start and end times, dates, and any holidays or breaks. This can help parents and students plan their schedules and ensure they don't miss a class.

Online Enrollment & Payment Options

Make the enrollment and payment process as easy as possible for families. Consider offering online enrollment and Flexible Family Payment Schedules. Remember to always provide clear instructions on how to sign up for classes on your website.

  • Choose if Class Enrollment is Required, Optional, or Hidden on your Online Registration Form. See General Settings for the Online Registration Form for more information.
  • Choose to show a ‘Register’ link in your Class Listings which opens the Online Registration Form and prefills the Class for enrollment. The Online Registration Form can also be added as a button on your website page, providing another location for potential customers to register.
  • Note payment is not collected upon submission of the Online Registration Form. You may collect their payment method if you enable ePayments in Jackrabbit and use Process ePayments to collect payment for Registration and Tuition Fees.
  • Learn how to Post a Registration Fee for new families.

Check out our Topic Hub, Registration & Enrollment - Let's Put the Pieces Together.

Additional Online Options

Here are a few more items you may want to consider to enhance the online experience for your families.

Take Your Events Online

If you use Event Management in Jackrabbit for special events like birthday parties, parent's night out, or workshops, you can display those Events online and allow Online Registration and Parent Portal enrollment. Learn more about how to Take Your Events Online.

Create an
"About Us" Page

An amazing ‘About Us’ page is a must-have for your youth activity center’s website, Facebook page, etc., and should paint a picture of your program’s history and what you currently offer.

Scroll-Stopping Content

Everybody loves videos and pictures. What better way to showcase what your program has to offer? Images and videos of students in your programs help drive engagement and can be your best form of marketing. Be sure to get their permission to share media online and that they are high quality. Remove any media that slows down the load time for your website.

Engage in Social Media

Use social media platforms, such as Facebook, to expand your online presence and make it convenient to register students. Offer Online Options to Your Families Using Web Page Links.

  • Social media is a great way to connect. When you engage with your followers and respond to their questions, you will form a lasting connection with them. This can set you apart from your competition.
  • Look for trends or events related to your youth center's activities and use them to your advantage. If you can't offer similar activities, share events hosted by others.

Offer Your Families the Jackrabbit Plus Experience

Take your online presence to the next level with Jackrabbit Plus, a custom-branded mobile app available for iOS and Android devices! It's one of the easiest ways to make your customer experience even better by streamlining communication with push notifications, group chats, online registration, and account management.

Jackrabbit Plus seamlessly integrates the Parent Portal with an app you can customize for your business.

We are here to help! Schedule a Call with an Integration Specialist or email us at if you have any questions.