Store / Point of Sale

Optimizes efficiency and function at your front desk.

Store / Point of Sale - An Overview

The Store is a point of sale system used to record sales and track inventory in Jackrabbit.

Store Setup and Maintenance

Everything you need to know about setting up and maintaining your Store.

Make a Store Sale

How to use Make a Sale/Post Fees and understand the difference between a Store Account and Family Account.

Return a Store Item

Return an item for refund or credit on the Make Sale/Post Fees page.

Sell Drop-in Classes in Jackrabbit

Use your Store to sell drop-in classes for a single class or an open session.

Sell and Redeem Gift Cards in Jackrabbit

Follow these instructions to start offering gift cards to your families.

Sell and Track Punch Cards in Jackrabbit

Jackrabbit’s Store can be used to sell and track punch cards.

Accept Charitable Donations in Jackrabbit

Follow these steps to accept charitable donations through Jackrabbit.

Store Reports

Review this section to see how you can use reports related to the Store.