Post Tuition Fees to Multiple Families with the Post Tuition Fees Function

The Post Tuition Fees feature, located in the Transactions menu, allows you to post tuition fees to multiple families at once. This is often referred to as a batch or batch billing. 

  • Save time - no more going in and out of individual family records to post tuition fees.
  • Ensure accuracy and consistency by letting Jackrabbit calculate the tuition fees based on your Tuition Settings.
  • Be confident - Preview Tuition Fees, including calculation details, before you commit to posting the fees.

Create groups of families to be billed in batches using the Class and Family criteria in Post Tuition Fees. For each group, you'll preview (make changes if needed), and then post a separate Post Tuition Fees batch.

For example:

Batch #1

Post Tuition Fees for all classes with the Category 1 of "Dance"

Batch #2

Post Tuition Fees for all classes that are not eligible for discounting

Batch #3

Post Tuition Fees to all families with a Membership Type of "Team"

This is repeated each Tuition Billing Cycle (how often you bill your families for tuition). 

Streamline the process by saving your criteria selections as Favorites and quickly and reliably select the same groups of families each time!

Post Tuition Fees can be used to post to classes with either Tuition Billing Method (By Class Fee or By Total Hours) and looks a little different for each, however, the process is the same:

  1. Select your Billing Settings (Billing Method, Billing Cycle, and Tuition Posting Date)
  2. Choose your Class Criteria, Family Criteria, Multi-Student Discount Settings (By Total Hours only), and Additional Settings. Add Transaction Details and define any Additional Discount you may want to offer the group.
  3. Set your preferences for Advanced Detection.
  4. Preview the batch and review calculations.
  5. Post the fees.

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Before you post your first batch of tuition fees you must review and define your Tuition Settings to tell Jackrabbit what discounts and/or prorating apply to the fees.