Troubleshoot Post Tuition Fees

Jackrabbit knows that posting tuition fees is a critical part of your business. We have put together some troubleshooting suggestions to help if you have issues with posting tuition. 

Expand the sections below to help resolve issues you may experience when posting tuition fees.

Post Tuition Fees - Billing by Class Fee

General Troubleshooting Tips

  • Do you have a Class Start Date and End Date assigned for each class?
  • Review the Class Criteria on the Class Summary (tab) and be sure to select a Category 1 for the class that is not posting tuition.
  • Are some of your tuition fees not showing up? Check to be sure Tuition Discount Rule is set to No Discounts.
  • Are all tuition settings set and correct for each class?
  • Do you offer discounts for multiple classes or for multiple students in a family? Check your discounting rules to be sure they are set to match your requirements.
  • Are more students on your post tuition fee report than you expected? Run a Drop History report for the billing cycle date range and remove the dropped students from the post tuition fee batch.
  • Do you see Omit from class discounting in the fee posting notes, but, you need to include class discounting? Go to the class and uncheck the Exclude from Multi-Class Discount checkbox.

Post Tuition Fees by Session Dates

Check to be sure your class dates are accurate and fall within the session dates.

Post Tuition Fees by Custom Billing Cycle

Did you change the start date of your custom billing cycle after you had a calendar break in your classes?

Post Tuition Fees - Billing by Total Hours

General Troubleshooting Tips

  • Have you set up a fee schedule and is it accurate?
  • Have you accounted for the highest number of student/family hours and the lowest? 
  • Is the class time correct?
  • Is there a duration assigned to the class?
  • Check to be sure Exclude from Total Hours Count is selected in the class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Is it possible to create a list of families/accounts or students that have NOT had a specific fee posted?

A.  Yes, you can create a complete list of accounts that have not had specific fees posted:

  1. Go to the Families (menu) > All Families or the Students (menu) > All Students.
  2. Click the Open filters (icon)> Financial Details > Has Not Had a Fee Posted Since...
  3. Enter a date.
  4. Click Apply.

A list of the families or students that meet the criteria will display in the grid.

The Jackrabbit Support Team is just a click away! Our support team can help you with any tuition posting problems. Just click on the Jackrabbit Help (icon)to submit a ticket, start a live chat, or request a call.