Prevent Duplication of Family Accounts with Online Event Registration

By directing your Existing customers (customers that already have a record in your main database) to register for Events through the Parent Portal, you will greatly eliminate the possibility of duplicate records. 

Jackrabbit attempts to prevent possible duplications by performing the following automatically in the Event Registration Forms:

  1. While filling out the Event Registration Form, if the email entered matches an email address already in your database, Jackrabbit will display a pop-up message directing the customer to log into their Portal to proceed, instead of allowing them to use the Event Registration Form directly off your website as a new customer would. (An active portal link will automatically be displayed at the top of the Registration Form in bold red letters). Having them log into the portal FIRST, then Registering for the Event, prevents duplicate accounts.
  2. If an existing customer ignores that link, and proceeds to fill out the form as a new customer, the form may be submitted. Once submitted, Jackrabbit will check the Last Name, the email, the Zip Code, and the first 8 characters of the Street Address against your existing database. If a match is found based on those criteria, Jackrabbit will update that family account with any new information included on the Event Registration Form (such as addition of a student or contact). On the other hand, if a match is NOT found, a new family record is created.
  3. If a match is not found simply due to misspelling or other minor discrepancy, a duplicate family may be produced. You will then need to Merge Duplicate Family Records.

Families in your Lead File are NOT in your main database and, therefore, do not have access to the Portal. They will need to register as a new family.