The Staff Portal

Permissions control the ability of your Users to see certain data and take specific actions. Before moving forward, review Staff Portal User Permissions.

The Staff Portal provides a secure place for your staff to: view their class and events schedules, record time worked in the time clock, enter their availability, record student attendance or skills/levels, view Lesson Plans, and create and view Resources.

  • Be Secure -The Staff Portal is isolated from your Jackrabbit database, allowing your staff to manage their classes and time outside of Jackrabbit without needing access to sensitive data such as contact and financial information.
  • Be In Touch - The Staff Portal is a great way to communicate with your staff. Use the Staff and Department News to broadcast messages in the Staff Portal. A login message can be entered into an individual staff member's record, and it will display on their News tab in My News.
  • Be Mobile - Jackrabbit's Staff Portal is 'responsive', which detects the size of the device being used and will adjust to fit the screen size. This makes using the Portal much easier on a smart device!

Set Up and Explore the Staff Portal

Why should you use the Staff Portal for your organization? Let's have a look at the setup, functionality, and reporting options available to you with the Staff Portal.

Set Up Your Staff Portal

Ready to get started? Use the Guided Staff Portal Setup to get going in 5 easy steps!

Staff can access the Staff Portal in multiple ways:

If a staff member forgets their password, they can click the Forgot Your Password?  link at any time to generate a new one. See Reset a Staff Portal Password for more details.

Staff Portal Settings

Once you have gone through the Guided Staff Portal Setup (above), there are additional settings that control staff access and features they can use in the portal: 

Need to make some updates to individual settings for multiple staff members? Check out these additional articles:

Staff Portal Features 

These are the features (tabs) included in the Staff Portal.


Staff Portal reports are an excellent way to keep track of staff members and their required tasks. These reports include:

Share our YouTube tutorial, Using Our Staff Portal, with your staff to get them familiar with using their Staff Portals.