ePayment Voids, Refunds, and Chargebacks

Learn how to handle credit card or bank account voids, refunds, and chargebacks.

Refund/Void ePayments - An Overview

You are able to process credit card voids and refunds from within Jackrabbit!

Credit Card Voids/Refunds

Learn how to void a payment that hasn't settled and how to refund a settled payment.

Bank Draft/ACH Payment Refunds

Bank draft/ACH payments must be voided or refunded through your gateway virtual terminal or with your ePayment provider; this cannot be done from within Jackrabbit.

Void / Refund ePayment Receipts

As an option, you can send a receipt by email for a voided or refunded transaction.

ePayment Chargebacks

An ePayment chargeback happens when your customer disputes a charge to their credit card from your organization.