Set Up Camps as Classes

Camps are a great way to allow students to try out your facility with minimal commitment. Whether you run camps in the summer months, for school breaks, or at various times throughout the year, Jackrabbit recommends setting up your camps as classes for many reasons.

  • To make the process easy for families (and you), camps can be set up as classes with a start and end date.
  • View camps on your Weekly Calendar to avoid double-booking rooms or instructors.
  • Take attendance via the Staff Portal to have the most up-to-date camp rosters. 
  • Offer families flexibility using Per-Day classes, allowing them to choose which days their student plans to attend. 
  • Pull detailed enrollment and financial reports to assess the success of your camp.
Include the dates in the name of the class so enrollment and registration are easy! If your camp has a theme, include that in the class name or in the class description.

Once a camp is over, you can keep your database clean by archiving the camps. 

Depending on your business needs, if you prefer to create your camps using Jackrabbit's Events Management feature, refer to Events - An Overview for more information.

Need Help Setting Up Your Camps?

We recommend you review the Add Classes/Lessons articles for detailed information. If you have questions about setting up your camps as classes, click the question mark iconin Jackrabbit to request assistance.