Set Up Camps as Classes

Camps are short-duration programs most commonly offered during school breaks. They are also a great way to allow students to try out your facility with minimal commitment. Jackrabbit recommends setting up your camps as classes for many reasons including:

  • Set up camps as classes with a start and end date to make the process easy for families (and you).
  • View camps on your Weekly Calendar to avoid double-booking rooms or instructors.
  • Take attendance via the Staff Portal to have the most up-to-date camp rosters. 
  • Offer families flexibility using Per-Day classes, allowing them to choose which days their student plans to attend. 
  • Pull detailed enrollment and financial reports to assess the success of your camp.
  • Save time by archiving your class so that you can retrieve it for future use.

Need Help Setting Up Your Camps?

We recommend you review the Add Classes/Lessons articles for detailed information. Click on the question mark iconin Jackrabbit to request assistance or if you have questions about setting up your camps as classes.

Alternative Method: Events

You may also consider creating your camps using Jackrabbit's Events Management feature. Refer to Events - An Overview for more details.

Visit Compare Events & Classes in Jackrabbit for a side-by-side comparison of the two features.