Fees, Payments, Refunds, and Credits (Transactions)

Post fees (bill customers) and enter payments, credits, and refunds

Post Fees (Bill Customers)

Fees (debits) can include tuition, merchandise, registration fees, late fees, etc

Enter Payments

Payments (credits) by cash, check or credit card reduce the family balance

Refunds and Voids

Examples of refunds for various transaction methods

Split Billing

Jackrabbit does not currently support split billing, there are a few ways you can accommodate special family circumstances

Post a Non-Monetary Credit to an Account (Family)

Payments (credits) such as Groupon, Fundraising, Gift Certificates, etc

Edit Transactions

Edit (individual or multiple) transactions

User Permissions for Edit Transactions

List of permissions related to editing transactions.

Delete Transactions (Fees and Payments)

Delete (individual or multiple) fees or payments

Write Off an Uncollectible Family Account (Bad Debt)

Write off and properly record an unpaid Family account balance

Record an NSF (Bounced Check)

Record an NSF and adjust family balance

Charge Tax on Fees

Tax on service and non-service related fees (not store items)

Use a Promo Code or Coupon Code

While Jackrabbit does not apply coupons, promo codes, etc. automatically during online registration, there are features you can use to apply the discounts.