Take Attendance with a Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanners/readers allow you to scan a barcode to record student attendance, including date and time. This feature uses a Student/Barcode ID, located on the Summary tab of the Student Record. See Initial Set Up for Barcode Scanning section below for more information about Student/Barcode IDs.

Your account must be set to track attendance in order to use Jackrabbit's Barcode Scanner feature. Since most accounts are set to track absences, contact Jackrabbit Support to change your account to track attendance!

What You'll Need

These items are needed to take attendance with a scanner:

  • Barcode Scanner/Reader - Purchase a universal USB barcode scanner (not provided by Jackrabbit). The one-dimensional (1D) scanner will be able to read a barcode, and a two-dimensional (2D) scanner will allow you to scan both barcodes and QR codes. These scanners typically do not require driver software installation and simulate someone typing in the barcode number and hitting the Enter key.

  • Printout of the Student/Barcode ID - 
    • Barcode Labels can be printed to Avery 5160 Labels. Jackrabbit provides PDF templates for Student ID #'s 100-999 (pdf) and Student ID #'s 1000 - 5000. Use the printout to scan a single barcode into an individual student record. 
    • Provide an individual printout of a student's barcode or QR code, and the student can present it at the front desk to be scanned for attendance. These can be laminated so they can be used repeatedly.

Initial Set Up for Barcode Scanning with Printed Labels

Prior to using a barcode scanner for the first time, it is necessary to assign a barcode number to each student in their Student record. If you haven't assigned a Student/Barcode ID, you can scan the labels or barcode sheet you printed described in the previous section above.

Scan a Barcode

Go to each Student's Summary tab, place the mouse cursor in the Student/Barcode ID field and scan the barcode from the sheet (the number will display in the field once scanned).

Your Student records are done and ready to scan for attendance!

Initial Set Up for Barcode Scanning without Printed Labels

Select one of these methods to enter Student/Barcode ID information into the Student record if you choose not to use the printed labels. You can use your initial Imported Data, Jackrabbit Assigned Barcode IDs, or the Manual Entry method. The Student/Barcode ID number on the Summary tab in a Student record must be entered first, then converted to a barcode for scanning using Excel. 

Imported Data

If you imported your account data (including a Student ID#), the student number would have been placed automatically in the student record. We are unable to add just the Student ID# after the initial import.

Jackrabbit Assigned Barcode IDs

Contact Jackrabbit Support to have all Student/Barcode IDs assigned. We can arrange to have this done for you free of charge! Please note that this process will override all previously assigned Student/Barcode IDs.

Manual Entry

Manually type the student ID number into the field. Don't forget to Save Changes.

Export Student/Barcode IDs to Excel to Create Barcodes

Once the Student/Barcode IDs have been entered into the Student records, you have to export the data to Excel to create the barcodes.

  1. Go to the Students (menu) > All Students and remove all columns in the grid with the exception of Student and  Student/Barcode ID. Only the Student and Student/Barcode ID will display in the grid.
  2. Click the More (icon)and select Export to Excel.

Follow the steps in this YouTube video, Step-by-Step: How to Create a Barcode in Excel, to generate barcodes for your students. If you need help creating student barcodes, contact Jackrabbit Support for assistance.

Launch the Barcode Reader/Scanner

Go to the Classes (menu) > Attendance Barcode Reader. Each time the scanner is launched, you must set the Attendance Barcode options. In the Attendance Barcode Options pop-up box, make choices as applicable.

Attendance Date - Defaults to the current date. Use the calendar icon to change.

Show Family Info

  • Set to Yes if the computer monitor faces the owner/staff. If set to Yes, the student picture (if uploaded), name, age, class, family address, phone, balance, and problem account status displays on the screen. 
  • Set to No if the computer monitor faces the student. If set to No, only the student's picture, name, age, and class are displayed.

Mark student present for -

  • Set to All Classes to mark student present for all enrolled classes that day.
  • Set to Single Class to mark a student present for a single class.
  • Set to None-Lookup Student Only to verify membership (but not record attendance.)

Page refresh timeout (seconds) - Set the number of seconds the student info is displayed before resetting for the next student.  

Launch fullscreen - Defaulted to checked (yes). Uncheck to remain in the pop-up window.  

Launch & Use the Barcode Scanner/Reader for Attendance

If you are using a barcode to track attendance for your students, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Classes (menu) > Attendance Barcode Reader. Click the Launch button at the bottom of the Attendance Barcode Options pop-up box, as shown in the previous section.
  2. Place the cursor in the Enter Student ID field. 
  3. Scan the barcode/QR code using the barcode scanner/reader.

Once entered, the screen displays the student's information. The screen will reset to accept the next barcode number based on the Page refresh timeout (seconds) that you defined in the Attendance Barcode Options when you launched the scanner. Be sure to keep the scanning window open until you have completed taking attendance.

Note: Just in case your scanner is not working. You can enter the Student ID# by placing the cursor in the Enter Student ID field and manually typing in the number. Be sure to click Submit for a manual entry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Can I use the same barcode scanner to track attendance and scan store barcodes?

A.  Yes.  Any "universal USB barcode scanner" can be used to track attendance and scan store barcodes.

If you are interested in using QR codes to track attendance for your students, check out Jackrabbit Plus - A Mobile App for Your Business. In the mobile app, the student's QR code once added to the student record, is located under Menu > My Account > Parent Portal (menu) > Student QR Code.