There are Several Types of Notes In Jackrabbit - Where are they Visible?

Jackrabbit offers several ways to take note of important information. 

Here is a key to where those notes can be seen:

Note TypeWhere are Notes Visible?

In JackrabbitStaff PortalParent Portal
Family/Student/Class/Staff Notes- Family record > Notes tab
- Student record > Notes tab
- Class record > Notes tab
- Staff record > Notes tab
- Notes grid > Reports menu > Find Reports
Not visibleNot visible
Class Roll Notes- Student record > Misc tab
- will print on Class Roll report
Manage Classes > Attendance pageNot visible
Misc Family NotesFamily record > Misc tabNot visibleNot visible
Misc Staff NotesStaff record > Misc tabNot visibleNot visible
Student Absence Notes- Student record > Absences tab
- Absences/Makeups report
Manage Classes > Attendance page
Account > Students > Absences
Student Skills/Levels Notes- Student record > Skills/Levels tab
Manage Classes > Skills/Levels page
Account > Students > Skills
Drop Student Notes- Student record > Classes tab
- Class record > Drop List tab
- Drop History report
Not visibleNot visible
Transaction Notes- Family record > Transactions tab
- Revenue and Transaction reports
Not visibleBilling & Payments > Transactions