The Basics

Learn some Jackrabbit fundamentals as your first step.

Log In and Out of Your Database

Access Jackrabbit from any computer or device with internet access. Logging in requires a User ID and a Password.

Jackrabbit User ID Passwords

Jackrabbit User ID passwords are case sensitive and can be reset several ways.

The Four Main Areas Where Jackrabbit Stores Your Data

Jackrabbit stores your data into four main areas: Family, Student, Class, and Staff records.

Consistent Data Leads to Consistent Results

Recommendations on how to keep your data consistent with multiple users.

Work with Reports - Table Style

Table style reports can be customized by sorting, showing or hiding columns, and more.

Work with Reports - Grid Style

The grids used to display your data allow you to group, sort, filter for specific information, and more.

Save Your Favorite Filtered Grid Views

Save your favorite grid views as a default view, and share them with other Users in your organization.

Navigating in Jackrabbit

An in-depth description of how to navigate around Jackrabbit.

Legal Policies & Policy Groups - An Overview

Information and procedures for Jackrabbit Legal Policies and Policy Groups.

Search for People or Classes in Jackrabbit

Use Global Search Fields or Quick Search Fields to quickly search for families, students, and classes.

Notes in Jackrabbit - Family, Student, Class, and Staff

Create and keep detailed and searchable notes regarding your families, students, classes, and staff.

There are Several Types of Notes In Jackrabbit - Where are they Visible?

List of different types of notes and where they are visible in Jackrabbit.

Resources in Jackrabbit - Family, Student, Class, and Staff

Use Resources to upload files and add links to the Family, Student, Class, and Staff records (Resources tab).

User Permissions for Jackrabbit Resources

The required User Permissions for Jackrabbit Resources are listed here.

US & International Phone Numbers in Jackrabbit

Details on US and International phone numbers in Jackrabbit.