Allow Parents to Schedule Absences in the Parent Portal

Tracking when students are absent from, or present in, class provides important metrics for your organization; attendance is a critical factor in your students' success. 

To accommodate different workflows, Jackrabbit offers several ways to record absences (when tracking absences) or record attendance (when tracking attendance). 

One of the ways attendance can be recorded is by allowing parents to schedule absences for their students through their Parent Portal.

  • Save administrative hours and offer convenience by letting parents schedule their students' absences.
  • Parents can schedule absences for multiple students, for a range of dates, at the same time.
  • If you allow makeups (when tracking absences), save even more time and allow your parents to schedule makeups in their Parent Portal.

Note: Parents will be unable to schedule absences on closed dates.

Step 1Define the Settings That Control Absences and Makeups in the Parent Portal
Step 2Families will schedule absences in the Parent Portal
Step 3 Monitor absences scheduled in the Parent Portal