Multiple Location ePayments

When processing ePayments in Jackrabbit, payments for all families in your database are set up by default to flow through one gateway and on to one merchant account which is connected to your bank account where the funds will be deposited. It is possible, however, to set up multiple merchant accounts within one Jackrabbit database for the purpose of directing your revenue collected through online payments into different bank accounts.

If you are interested in routing online payments made in your database into different bank accounts, you must advise the Payment Partner when you are getting your accounts set up. If you are currently processing with the default set up (all funds into one bank account), please contact Jackrabbit Support to assist you with evaluating your options for making this change.


  • Revenue in Jackrabbit is tracked by a Family/Account location. A family's Location is found on every family Summary tab. Families/Accounts are able to enroll in Classes at any Location, but the family's payments are associated with the location found on the Family/Account page. It's not possible to bill based on a Class' location. If a Family has a LOC value of A and they attend a class at LOC B, the money collected for LOC B's class will process through LOC A's gateway and merchant account. 
  • Once a Family/Account is associated with a gateway/merchant account they must continue to process with that gateway/merchant account. You cannot switch processors unless you delete and re-enter credit card information for that family. 
  • You must use the same gateway provider for all accounts to be connected to your database. 
  • Once a credit card is vaulted to a specific gateway location, it stays with that location unless the credit card data is deleted and re-entered and re-saved to the family record. It is necessary to ask the customer for the original credit card information and re-enter it, so that the number will re-vault to the correct location gateway.

Example Your organization's Jackrabbit database has two Locations (ABC and DEF). One bank account is used for Location ABC and a different bank account is used for Location DEF.

The Jones family has Location ABC on their Summary tab and the Smith family has Location DEF. If your organization sets up one gateway for Location ABC and attempts to process a payment for the Smith family (Location DEF), the Smith family's card is now vaulted and stored in Location ABC. The credit card payment will flow into Location ABC's gateway and bank account even though the Family's Location is DEF.

Later, your organization adds multi location ePayments - adding Location DEF.  

Even though the Smith family's record defines their location as DEF, the Smith family's credit card is STILL stored and vaulted to Location ABC and will not process to the DEF gateway.  The steps to correct this are provided below.

  1. Make sure that the family is set to their original vault Location.  (Family Location is on the Family Summary tab.)
  2. Go to the family's Billing Info tab.  Click the credit card's pencil icon to edit or the trash can icon to delete the credit card.  Save Changes
  3. On the family's Summary tab, switch the Location to the new Location gateway. Save Changes.
  4. Return to the family's Billing Info tab and using the Add Card button, re-enter the credit card number and exp date.  Save Changes.  This does require obtaining the credit card information in full from the family again.