Allow Parents to Schedule Makeups in the Parent Portal

When you track absences in Jackrabbit, and offer makeups, the Parent Portal can be set to allow your families to schedule makeups for their students independently, through their portals.

Not only does this save you hours of administrative time, which equates to payroll costs, it offers a convenience to your families. They will be able to schedule their student's makeup when it is convenient for them...even if that is in the middle of the night!

This would be a scary thing if it weren't controlled by settings defined by you according to your organization's makeup policies. 

Once you have defined your Parent Portal Makeup Settings, your families will be able to schedule makeup classes for their students. Several reports and logs allow you to monitor the makeups that are being scheduled.

Note: Parents will be unable to schedule any makeups on closed dates

Step 1Define the Settings That Control Absences and Makeups in the Parent Portal
Step 2Families will schedule makeups in the Parent Portal
Step 3 Monitor makeups scheduled in the Parent Portal